Alchemy Mahjongg

Alchemy Mahjongg is a colourful solitaire game in which you need to remove all the blocks from the board. Enjoy the theme of magic and alchemy. Combine identical elements to get access to new ingredients and set a record in the game.

How to play Alchemy Mahjongg

The participant must free the board from the tiles. To do this, you need to pair them up. Click on identical blocks to make them disappear from the playing field. Choose only active tiles. They are not blocked by other elements on top and have a free right or left side.

Each game has two layouts. The player can change the layout by opening the game settings section. Change the format of the playing field view - from the top or from the side.


The Alchemy Mahjongg game is limited by a timer. Keep track of the time on the screen and find all possible pairs of blocks and combinations as quickly as possible. As soon as a pair of blocks is selected, it will disappear and open access to other elements.

There are several categories of blocks on the playing field with images of the mysterious science of magicians. Interesting and original symbols, strange containers, golden suns, and other drawings will appear on the playing blocks. Match identical tiles. Each pair brings points to your account.

If all the available moves are made, the player can open a new block layout on the screen. To do this, click on the appropriate option in the menu. Additionally, you can turn the game's soundtrack on or off.

Enjoy an interesting Alchemy Mahjongg puzzle game, develop a strategy and train your mindfulness and ability to concentrate on small elements.

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