Balls Connect

Balls Connect is a wonderful and colourful puzzle game with coloured balls. Try a new game in the best traditions of oriental board puzzles. Pair identical balls and clear the playing field of them. The goal of the game is to remove all elements and get the maximum number of points.

How to play Balls Connect

There are a variety of balls on the playing field in several rows. Among them, the player will find volleyball, football, basketball, with a colourful design, in the form of planets, coconuts, with original drawings. All balls have an identical pair. To remove blocks from the field, click on identical elements. Use the mouse or touch screen.

Pair only those blocks between which you can draw a line with no more than two turns. If there are more corners and other blocks in the way, the tiles will remain in place. You can also choose to pair identical tiles that are adjacent and share a common side. If the pair is chosen correctly, the blocks will disappear and the player will have access to other elements.

Each level becomes more difficult. Blocks can move to an empty space and thus create new combinations after each pair of balls.


Each pair of blocks brings points to the score. Set a record by getting the maximum number of points.


If there are no more moves available on the board, a green arrow will appear on the screen. It will point to hints. Use the options to find a way out of a difficult situation.

The two arrows indicate the option to shuffle the balls on the board. The number of elements will remain the same, but they will change their placement. Click on the magnifying glass to highlight two balls for the next move.

Play the Balls Connect game and train your mindfulness, thinking, and logic. Develop your own strategy and win each level.

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