Black and White Dimensions

Black and White Dimensions is a puzzle game from the mahjong series. Stack identical tiles and clear the board as quickly as possible. Choose other games in this series - Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Dimensions 15 minutes and others. Enjoy the game, relax to the theme music and improve your logical thinking.

How to play Black and White Dimensions

The game is distinguished by its design. The cubes are arranged in a 3D shape and have only black and white design. The player's task is to find identical symbols on the black and white cubes and click on them. Only active blocks participate in the game. They have three free sides or are the outermost element in the overall design and are not blocked by other tiles.

The selected block is highlighted in pink and red. If the player chooses the right blocks, they will disappear from the playing field and open access to other elements.


The game elements are arranged in several levels. To scroll the entire figure, click on the arrows on the screen or swipe in the desired direction. The image of the selected element appears on the screen on the left.

Additionally, the player can keep track of the timer, which indicates the time allotted for solving the puzzle. Once the time is up, the game is lost.

Options and hints

In the lower right corner, there are icons that offer help in the game. If you need a hint, click on the question mark. The available moves will be highlighted. Using a hint will deduct 150 points from your score.

Select the circular arrow to shuffle all the blocks and get a new combination. You will have to give 500 points from your score. Click on the pause button to stop the game.

The game has 40 levels. With each subsequent stage, the task will become more difficult. Earn the maximum number of points and set records in the game. Enter your nickname and view your rankings in the game.

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