Black and White Mahjong 3

Black and White Mahjong 3 is a puzzle game with an original design in black and white colours. Enjoy solving Chinese puzzles and train your attention span and ability to concentrate on details.

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How to Play

The game has 300 levels, which vary in complexity and configuration of tiles on the board. Choose a layout and start playing.

The goal of each level is to disassemble the structure and remove all the elements from the board. To do this, you need to choose blocks with identical images. The game's special feature is its design: the playing blocks have a black and white base. Pair the elements with the same design, but with a background of the opposite colour.

You can choose only free tiles, which are those that have an unlocked right or left side and are not covered from above. Start with the top-level tiles to open up access to the tiles below.


When you're in a difficult situation and it's hard to find your next move, use the hints and boosters on the right side. Click on the circular arrows to shuffle all the tiles. Click on the single arrow to cancel the previous move. Select the question mark if you want to highlight two tiles for the next move. All options will cost a certain amount of points, which will be deducted from your score.

When you're done, enter your name and save your score in the overall leaderboard.

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