Cafe 3 in a Row

Cafe 3 in a Row is a game from the category of three in a row. Put the same items in a row and remove the blocks from the board to complete the level. Train your mindfulness, ability to concentrate on details, and the ability to sort items by similarity.

Cafe 3 in a Row: Gameplay

There are tiles on the playing field with images of various fruits and vegetables. The player's task is to remove all the blocks from the field. To do this, you need to collect three identical elements in a row. Click on identical symbols and move them to the line below. There are 7 free spaces in the block. The player can move here those elements that interfere with their game.

Only active tiles can be selected and moved. They are not blocked by other elements and have free sides. For your convenience, the blocks are highlighted in a certain colour.

Hints and options

Players can use hints to help them play. Click on the arrow keys to shuffle the tiles on the board. Click on the light bulb block to get help. Three identical tiles will automatically move to a niche and disappear from the board.

Click on the circular arrow and cancel the previous move if necessary. One cube will return to the field and the player will be able to build their strategy in a new way.

By watching commercials, players can increase the number of elements in the niche to 8. This will free up blocks on the playing field by removing those that are in the way. Disassemble all the tiles, complete several levels in a row, and get a reward.

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