Candy Rush

Candy Rush is a zingy puzzle game that will definitely train your logic and thinking skills. Complete all levels and collect the necessary blocks. Simple rules, colourful graphics, and gameplay have made this puzzle game popular among adults and young users.

The game has 100 levels and a store where you can buy everything to complete the game as quickly as possible.

How to play

There are various candies on the playing field. The player receives a new task at the beginning of each level - to collect the specified amount of sweets. Complete the mission and open access to the next level of the game.

To remove elements, click on combinations of two or more blocks. They disappear, and others move to their place. They move both down and to the right. Each time the player receives a new combination of candies on the playing field.

Each successful move brings gold coins to the player's account. Use them to buy boosters in the shop.


Open the game store and buy boosters with the gold coins you earn. There are several possible options available in the list. Choose dynamite to remove tiles that prevent you from continuing the game. Click on the hand to change the symbol on the tile and select another to create a new combination. Click on the block you want to replace and wait for the result.

The Bomb removes the entire horizontal row of elements. Use it if you have collected symbols without a pair. The image of a flare indicates a booster that can remove the entire column of candy on the playing field. Just click on one element in this line.Complete all levels and set records in the game. Train your mindfulness, logic and thinking and get the maximum amount of gold coins. The store automatically opens after completing each new level. The player can replenish the stock of boosters and continue the game.

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