Christmas Dimensions

Christmas Dimensions is a themed 3D puzzle game that not only activates thinking, but also brings a festive Christmas mood. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the winter holidays with its colourful design and original melodies.

How to play

The game has a three-dimensional format, which makes it more interesting and adds a challenge to the solving process. The goal is to remove all the blocks from the playing field. The cubes are arranged in several levels and create a three-dimensional structure. To view all the elements, scroll left or right and select identical elements. Only blocks that have free adjacent sides and are not docked with other elements are available for selection.

Points and bonuses

For each pair of blocks, a certain number of points is added to the account. The player can increase them several times by performing combos. To do this, you should find the next pair of elements on the screen as quickly as possible. The pause between moves should not exceed 3 seconds. Upon completion, bonus points are added to the account for the remaining time on the timer.

Use the boosters that are on the playing field. Pair blocks with the image of a multiplier. This is how many times the player's score will increase. Symbols in the form of lightning freeze a certain number of blocks. They have the same design and it is easier for the player to remove the maximum number from the playing field. The golden snowflake symbol adds 250 bonus points to the screen.

Use the hints. Click on the question mark to find a pair of blocks for the next move. Shuffle all the elements by clicking on the arrows to get new combinations of blocks.

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