Circus Mahjong

Circus Mahjong is a colourful puzzle game with traditional gameplay but an original design. Enjoy the game's theme, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of circus art. Find identical elements and pair them to free up the playing field.


The puzzle game features 122 levels. Go through all the stages and become a record holder in the game. The goal is to remove all tiles from the playing field.

Click on identical elements and remove them from the field. You can choose only those tiles that are free. They are highlighted for your convenience. Free tiles are those that are not blocked on the right or left and are not covered by other blocks on top.

As soon as the player clicks on the same symbols, the tiles will disappear. After each move, the player will see a change in the location of the blocks. They move to the free space. This complicates the task because you need to take the next step into account.

If it becomes difficult for the player to find the next pair of blocks and the pause is too long, the system will show a hint. Two identical elements will become dynamic, and thus the player will receive a hint.

You can also take the hint yourself by clicking on the question mark icon. This option will cost minus 300 points from the total score. Use the shuffle function if there are no available moves left. This hint will cost 500 points from your account.

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