Connect the Blocks

Connect the Blocks is a colourful puzzle game with funny animals and simple rules. The game follows traditional mahjong rules. Choose identical pairs of blocks and remove all the elements from the field.

How to Play

The game has 10 levels, each with different complexities. The tiles change in format, there are more of them, and they are arranged in several levels.

Find tiles with identical images that can be connected by a line with no more than two turns or are adjacent to each other. Tiles must be on the same level to be removable. For your convenience, the blocks of each level have a specific colour. Click on them, and if the choice is correct, they will disappear from the playing field.

Limited time

The game is limited by a timer. Find pairs of blocks as quickly as possible and move on to the next level. Get bonuses for the remaining time.

The screen shows not only the game score but also the counter of moves available at a particular moment. This number changes after each move.


Use hints if you find it difficult to complete the challenge and find the next pair of blocks to remove. Click on the question mark to reveal the available pair of elements for the next move. Using this option will deduct 200 points from your account.

If there are no available moves left, click on the shuffle option with the arrows. All blocks will change their position, opening up new moves to continue the game. This option will cost 500 points from the player's account.

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