Dark Mahjong Connect

Dark Mahjong Connect is a puzzle game with traditional Chinese mahjong rules. Its special feature is the design of the tiles. The black blocks are mysterious and create a unique atmosphere.

How to Play

The player's task is to remove all the blocks from the playing field within the time specified on the timer. The timer's scale gradually moves, and only successful moves can replenish it.

To remove blocks with images, click on identical images. Choose tiles that are located next to each other and share a common side, or they can be connected by a line with no more than two turns. As soon as the blocks disappear, the other elements will move to the free space. This feature adds dynamics and challenge to the game.

Each pair of blocks brings points to the player's account. Use these points to get hints when needed. Choose the option on the right. Click on the question mark to make the system highlight the available move. Activate shuffling by clicking on the circular arrow symbol. It is recommended to use it when you have run out of alternative moves.

In each subsequent level, the task becomes more complicated, and the player needs to apply attentiveness and logic. Complete all 12 levels of the game and set records.

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