Deck of Cards Mahjong

Deck of Cards Mahjong is a puzzle game with traditional rules for Chinese board games. The objective of the game is to remove all the blocks. The main difference is the design of the elements: the player needs to remove cards from the playing field, not tiles.

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The game features 120 levels. The player has the opportunity to choose any combination of cards they like. Depending on the location of the tiles, the level of difficulty also changes.

When the level is selected, start disassembling the cards to remove them from the playing field and solve the puzzle. To do this, select active blocks that are not covered from above and have a free right or left side. For your convenience, such elements are highlighted.


Use the hint by clicking on the button on the right. The system will highlight two tiles for the next move. This hint is worth 100 points. The shuffle option will cost the participant minus 200 points from the score.

Points and Ranking

At the beginning of the game, the player has 10,000 points. But as soon as the game starts, 10 points are deducted from the account. It is important to quickly find identical pairs of blocks to avoid losing all the points from your account.

The timer on the screen records the time the participant spends on solving the puzzle. This data will be recorded on the general screen next to each puzzle. The participant can improve their results by completing the level again.

Upon completion of the game, the participant can enter their name, and their result will appear in the overall rating table.

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