Dream Pet Dimensions

Dream Pet Dimensions is a three-dimensional puzzle game that captivates all animal lovers with its theme. Find identical images of funny creatures and remove all the blocks from the playing field.

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The game has 10 levels. Each of them differs in the complexity of the design and the number of blocks. The player will find a different background, as well as an original soundtrack that will transfer to the natural habitat of animals.

The blocks depict different animals that need to be paired and removed from the screen. To do this, you should choose not only identical tiles but also only free elements. They have two free sides and are not blocked by other elements.

To make it easier to select blocks, scroll through the structure by clicking on the left and right arrows or swiping across the screen.

Each successful move brings points to your account. Get bonuses by completing moves as quickly as possible with a pause of no more than 3 seconds. A chain of such combos will increase the points earned tenfold.

If you need a hint, click on the question mark image and the available move will be highlighted by the system.


There are many boosters among the blocks. Choose a multiplier to double your points. Click on a pair of blocks with a timer to add 20 seconds of time to solve the puzzle. Choose an explosive to remove a certain number of pieces at once. A pair of blocks with a star will add 250 bonus points to your score.

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