Earth Day Mahjong Arkadium

Earth Day Mahjong Arkadium is a themed puzzle game from a series of Chinese board games that will remind you of the need to take care of the planet Earth. The game has a thematic environmental focus. The game was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.Find similar games and improve your skills by solving other themed puzzles: Thanksgiving Mahjong Arkadium and Mahjong Christmas Holiday.

Earth Day Mahjong Arkadium: Gameplay

The player has two modes available: with a time limit or unlimited. Choose the best option and enjoy an interesting game. Look for identical blocks on the playing field and win in each level of the game.

The game has simple rules and conditions. There are blocks with different images on the board, and you need to pair them to remove them from the board. The goal of the game is to clear the board of all blocks.

Choose identical elements among the active elements and click on them with the mouse or use the touch screen. The correctly selected pair of blocks will disappear and open access to the next chips.

You can only select blocks that are not covered by other tiles and have a free right or left side. There is a counter of blocks on the screen that are available on the playing field. The player can also check the number of available moves.


The player receives a certain number of points for each pair of blocks. The number of points depends on the image on the tiles: hieroglyphs - 2, circles - 4, bamboo sticks - 6, plants - 8, green energy - 10, with a green background - 12, with a blue background - 14 points for each pair.

Click on the hint if you find it difficult to find an available move. The system will highlight two tiles for the next move.

Game design

In addition to the traditional symbols, the game features environmental-themed tiles: the sun, trees, solar panels, animals, plants, and eco-transport. Some of the blocks are blue or green in colour. These elements can be combined even without identical patterns.
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