Endless Dimensions

Endless Mahjong Dimensions is a puzzle game whose task is to disassemble a three-dimensional figure in a specified time. The game is based on the famous Chinese puzzles.

How to play Endless Mahjong Dimensions

The task of the participant is to free the playing field from the blocks. The cubes are arranged in several levels and create a three-dimensional figure. Scroll the figure, select blocks and click on them. The participant has a certain time to solve the puzzle, which is indicated on the timer.

The player can only choose identical elements with the same images. Blocks must have at least two free planes. Choose the tiles that are not blocked by other cubes. the entire structure can be scrolled to see the elements from all sides. To do this, swipe the screen or click on the arrows to the right or left.


Each pair of blocks brings a certain number of points to your account. Earn bonuses by matching identical pairs of blocks as quickly as possible. The more moves you can make in a row, the more points you will get. Bonuses are also added by the time remaining until the end of the round in Endless Dimensions Mahjong game.

At the end of the game, the results will appear on the screen. The player will be able to see the score and the bonuses they have earned.

Choose boosters to quickly remove dice from the playing field. Click on a snowflake to turn adjacent blocks into ice elements of the same type. Combine the elements with the clock to get extra time to play.

Get extra points if you manage to match an image with a bank. A pair of blocks with a bomb destroys the elements next to them. Boosters and bonus blocks are highlighted in blue.

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