Flag Mahjong

Flag Mahjong is a colourful Chinese mahjong-like puzzle game with a geographical theme. Connect identical flags and remove blocks from the playing field. Choose a difficulty level and complete all the puzzles.

How to play Flag Mahjong

There are blocks in several rows on the board. The player's task is to remove all the elements from the board and get the maximum number of points in each level. To achieve the goal, you need to select two identical flags and click on both blocks. If you make the right choice, both tiles will disappear.

You need to choose blocks that are adjacent to each other or you can draw a line between them with no more than two right angles.


The Flag Mahjong Connect game time is limited. The duration is displayed on the scale at the top of the screen. The slider is constantly moving. Collect pairs of identical blocks as quickly as possible to slow down the timer.

Each pair of blocks brings points to the score. The player can track the score on the screen. It shows not only the current score but also the record score. Complete all the puzzles and set records in the game.

Difficulty levels

Choose the best level of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. The game is made more difficult by the number of blocks on the board. Improve your skills and win in each level.

The puzzle Flag Mahjong Connect game will improve your attentiveness, ability to concentrate on details, and reaction speed. The player can enjoy interesting puzzles and activate mental activity. Play and learn flags of the world.

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