Free Mahjong

Free Mahjong is a colourful modern game, a version of the traditional Chinese puzzle. Find identical tiles, pair them up and free the playing field.

How to play

The player's task is to free the board from all the blocks. To do this, select identical elements on the playing field. Tiles have images of several groups: hieroglyphs, symbols, seasons, flowers, dragons. Such blocks as flowers and dragons can be combined by theme.You can choose only those elements that are free. Such blocks are not closed at the top and have an open right or left side. If there are no moves left, you will be notified. Shuffle the blocks and find the next pairs of identical elements.

Design and options

The images on the blocks have an updated design and introduce you to Oriental culture. The game offers more than a hundred different puzzles. Players can choose the background of the gaming table.The game has an unlimited number of hints. Click on the light bulb and a pair of blocks will be highlighted by the system. Select the circular arrow to cancel the previous move. The pair of tiles will return to their place. The crossed arrows allow you to shuffle all the blocks to discover new combinations.

Settings and highlights

Click on the gear in the corner of the screen to open the game settings. The player can set a timer and track the results. Just switch the slider opposite the corresponding option. Solve the puzzle as quickly as possible and set records.You can also turn on the highlighting of free tiles to make it easier to find identical blocks. Choose music to relax and set the mood for the game.At the end of the game, the screen will show the time and a congratulatory video. Share the results of the game on social media, compare achievements and track your progress. The game will continue with the next version with daily puzzles.
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