Free Mahjong Classic

Free Mahjong Classic is a traditional puzzle game for those who are ready to test their logic and memory. Collect identical blocks and free the board from tiles. The game has no time limit. Enjoy the game and choose your own pace of solving puzzles.


The game board has 144 tiles in several levels. All the blocks have certain images that can be divided into several groups: combinations with circles, Chinese characters, bamboo sticks, flowers and seasons.

The goal of the Free Mahjong Classic game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field. To do this, you should choose identical tiles that are active. They are not blocked from above and have a free right or left side. If you choose the right pair of elements, they will disappear from the playing field and open access to other tiles. It is recommended to start from the top and move down the pyramid.

The screen shows the number of blocks that still remain on the board. Keep a close eye on the smallest elements, find differences and concentrate on a pair of identical images. The counter also shows the player the number of available moves. This number changes after each combination, depending on the combination of blocks.


Choose a harder or easier mode. Click on the button on the right and choose to highlight the free tiles if necessary. This makes it easier to find a pair of blocks. The active tiles are highlighted among the other elements and the player has to choose the same ones among them. While turning this option off forces you to pay attention to all the elements, as they are the same colour.

If there are no available moves left, the player can start the game over. The blocks are returned to their place and the player should change the strategy and go through the puzzle again.

Use the mouse or touch screen to select the blocks. Enjoy colourful graphics and original music and play Free Mahjong Classic for free in full screen mode!

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