Free Mahjong Con

Free Mahjong Con is a traditional solitaire game in which you need to collect all the blocks and clear the board. Find identical pieces and pair them up.Players can choose from similar games like Mahjong Connect 2, Mahjong Online, and Mahjong Connect Deluxe. The games have received updates, original design, and vivid visuals. Enjoy the game and test your skills.

How to play Free Mahjong Con

The player's task is to choose pairs of identical blocks and clear the board of them. The game is won if no tiles remain on the board. You can choose blocks that have identical images, as well as adjacent to each other and share a common side. Pair those elements between which you can draw a line with no more than two right angles.


Click on the blocks with the mouse or use the touch screen. Pair the blocks together. As soon as the elements disappear, the player will receive new combinations and available moves. The Free Mahjong Con game time is limited by the timer scale. The scale moves, but each successful move replenishes it.


In difficult situations, the player can use a hint. Click on the appropriate button to get help. The system highlights a pair of tiles that can be combined. A certain amount of points is deducted from the player's account. This is how the hints help you find the available moves and continue the game. The number next to it indicates how many hints the participant has.Complete all 12 levels and set records in each game. The puzzle develops thinking, trains mindfulness, and improves logic and deduction.
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