Free Mahjong Connect Game

Free Mahjong Connect Game is a puzzle game with a colourful design and interesting challenges. Free the board from blocks and set a record in each level. The game has similar rules to the Chinese mahjong board game.


Use the mouse or touchscreen to select identical blocks on the screen. Combine identical elements into pairs and remove them from the playing field. The elements automatically disappear if you make the right choice.

You need to match those tiles that share a common side, as well as if you can draw a line between them with no more than two turns.


The game is limited by the timer. Follow the movement of the slider on the scale at the bottom of the screen. The player can replenish the timer by making the right moves. The scale is constantly moving during the game.


Each pair of blocks brings extra points to the score. The player can track the progress on the counter located on the screen below. The faster the player chooses the next pair of blocks, the more points they earn. Combination combos allow you to double and triple the points earned.


Sometimes it is very difficult to find available pairs of blocks. Use the hints. To do this, click on the light bulb image in the corner of the screen. The game will highlight possible moves. Click on the highlighted pair of blocks. The tiles will disappear and open up new combinations and access to other blocks. The number of hints is limited. The number next to the icon indicates the number of available options.

Win all levels and improve your logic, thinking, and ability to concentrate on small details. Relax and set records in the popular Chinese puzzle game.

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