Free Mahjong Titans

Free Mahjong Titans is a puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games. This traditional Chinese solitaire will train your logic, thinking and ability to concentrate on small details.

How to play Free Mahjong Titans

There are blocks with various symbols on the playing field. The elements are arranged in several levels in the shape of a pyramid. The player's task is to disassemble all the blocks and clear the board. To do this, you need to choose pairs of elements with identical pictures and symbols. If the pair is chosen correctly, the blocks will disappear and open access to other blocks.

Rules of the game

Click on free blocks, that is, those that are not covered by other elements. They are located at the very top of the level and have a free right or left side in Free Mahjong Titans game. Such a block changes colour when you click on it, which confirms its activity.

There are several groups of blocks on the playing field. Combine identical elements with images of circles, bamboo sticks, and hieroglyphs. You can pair any tiles with images of flowers and seasons.


The player can temporarily move and tilt the board. Click on the arrow keys and view the construction from a different angle.

If it is difficult to find the next move, use the help. Click on the light bulb icon to get a hint. A pair of tiles with the same elements will be highlighted in yellow, making it easy to see them on the board.As soon as the available moves are over, the system will offer to shuffle the blocks. Click on the appropriate button and shuffle the tiles. After this move, the player will receive a new combination of blocks.Play Free Mahjong Titans without ads!

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