Free Solitaire Mahjongg

Free Solitaire Mahjongg is a colourful puzzle game with an original design and simple rules. The player's task is to disassemble all the blocks from the playing field and get the maximum number of points in each level

How to play Free Solitaire Mahjongg

The player can choose the levels of the Free Solitaire Mahjongg game. There is a main category of puzzles and an additional paid one. Players can mark puzzles they are interested in with a heart and create a separate group of favourite puzzles. The player can also play in non-stop mode. Solve puzzles and set records.


There are blocks in the shape of a pyramid, animals, buildings, and other objects on the playing field. Choose a puzzle and start the game. Remove blocks by combining identical elements into pairs. To do this, click on blocks with the same image. To do this, click on the selected elements in the correct sequence.

Choose free tiles that are not covered by other blocks and have a free right or left side. You can also pair blocks with images of flowers and seasons.

Bonuses and boosters

The screen shows the number of pairs of tiles you need to solve, as well as the number of points earned for successful moves. Find pairs of blocks as quickly as possible and get the opportunity to increase your score several times.

Use boosters to solve the puzzle quickly and when you need help. Click on the circular arrow to cancel the previous pair of blocks and return them to the board. Use the light icon when you need a hint. The flashlight highlights active blocks that you can use for your next move.

Use the Star Bonus to collect five pairs of blocks as quickly as possible and get an extra 500 points.The Free Solitaire Mahjongg game improves logic, thinking, mindfulness and spatial thinking. Enjoy interesting Chinese puzzles and set records in the game.

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