Free War Mahjong

Free War Mahjong is an original puzzle game that will appeal to all users regardless of age. Collect identical blocks of tiles and free the playing field.

How to play Free War Mahjong Game

The blocks are arranged in several levels and have thematic images. The tiles contain drawings of different types of weapons. Select tiles with the same elements and click on the group.

The identical blocks will disappear. The blocks that were at the bottom will open for the player. If there is nothing under them, other elements will move to their place. In this way, new combinations of elements will be created. Additional combos can be formed during automatic movement.


Each group of blocks brings points to the account. In addition, the player receives bonuses in the form of bombs. They can be used only when there are no groups of identical elements. Click on the block you want to remove and continue playing. After that, the bombs will disappear.

The tiles are constantly moving down to empty spaces, and also move to the left if you manage to remove the entire column of elements.

If the player fails to remove all the blocks from the playing field and all the bombs are used, the game ends. Start over and set records on each new level of the Free War Mahjong game.


Make as many combinations of tiles as possible and remove groups of identical ones. The cursor automatically switches to bombs when there are no moves. As soon as alternative options are formed, the bombs will be inactive. For your convenience, groups of identical tiles are highlighted from time to time.

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