Gorillas Tiles of Unexpected

Gorillas Tiles of Unexpected, the updated themed puzzle game, is back for players to play. Collect identical tiles and set records in the game.

How to play Gorillas Tiles of Unexpected game

Tiles with Gorillas themed images are located on the board in several levels. The player's task is to remove all the blocks from the field. To do this, just click on groups of identical elements. They disappear and reveal the next blocks located on the lower levels.

If you manage to remove all the layers of blocks, other elements will take up the free space. In this way, blocks can move from top to bottom or left to right to the first column. Constantly moving elements creates new combinations.

It is difficult to predict the next step and the combination that will be formed by the blocks. Only those elements that are identical to the picture, located next to each other and share a common side will disappear.

Bonuses and options

Automatic combos bring bonus bombs to the player. Use them when there are no available moves. A bomb will automatically appear instead of the cursor. To remove a particular block, click on it. The available number of bombs is indicated on the screen in the scale on the right.

The player earns bombs through automatic combos in the game. Use the hints if a group of identical elements is difficult to find. To do this, use the image with a light bulb and the system will highlight the available move. The number of hints and bombs is indicated on the corresponding counters at the bottom of the screen.

Enjoy the Gorillas Tiles of Unexpected game and improve your puzzle-solving skills. Themed images from the Gorillas' work have made the game especially popular among fans of the band.

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