Jewel Blitz 3

Jewel Blitz 3 is the sequel to the colourful Match 3 game. Collect jewels of the same colour in a row and unlock additional bonuses and boosters. Travel to the mysterious locations of the Mayan tribes and find their treasures.

How to play Jewel Blitz 3

The player opens the map and goes through all the stops. To do this, click on the button and open the level. Each game has a task: to collect a certain number of points, to put a certain number of elements of the same type in a row. The counter on the screen indicates the number of blocks you need to collect.

Swipe and swap the jewels to line up three or more identical stones in a row. As soon as the blocks are in a row, they disappear and points are awarded. New elements appear in the vacant space.

Limited moves

The number of moves for the game is limited. Keep an eye on the counter on the screen and choose a strategy to solve the puzzles at each level.


Collect four elements in a row and get special jewels with a white stripe. Such elements allow you to remove the entire row. Five gems create elements with two white stripes that remove the entire row horizontally and vertically.


Complete the maximum number of levels and unlock additional boosters. The circular arrows allow you to swap elements on the board. The coloured symbol removes blocks of the same colour. The axe allows you to unlock blocked elements on the field.

Every day the player has the opportunity to receive additional rewards. Open chests, spin the reward wheel and get the maximum amount of gold

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