Jewel Blitz 5

Jewel Blitz 5 is the long-awaited sequel to the popular Jewel Blitz game. Discover the secrets of the culture of the ancient tribes of Central America by combining identical elements. The game is a Match 3 puzzle game. Explore the secrets of Mayan temples and solve all the puzzles.

The Jewel Blitz 5 game has hundreds of levels, special challenges, and daily missions. Earn gold coins and get magic items to solve puzzles.

Jewel Blitz 5: Gameplay

Every day, the player receives a reward for being active in the game. Traverse the maps and complete all levels. Each level has a specific task - to collect the number of blocks of a certain type specified at the beginning. A grid with coloured gems is placed in front of the player. Put the game elements in a row of three or more blocks and get a reward. To do this, swap them by swiping on the screen.


Stack four blocks in a row and get boosters. A stone with a white stripe will appear on the field. By combining it with others, you can remove the entire column of jewels. Jewels with two white stripes remove a column and a line of blocks in a row.

Keep an eye on the counter on the left. It shows you the number of items you've collected and how many more you need to line up to complete the level and unlock the next location.

Complete all levels and unlock new boosters. Circular arrows allow you to swap elements on the field. Along the way, the player will also be able to get an axe that will help unlock elements. Collect boosters along the route and complete all the challenges as quickly as possible.

Match coloured jewels to unlock locked items. Open chests and get additional bonuses to your account. To complete a task, the player receives a certain number of moves. Develop your strategy and logic by choosing the right sequence of moves on the playing field.

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