Mahjong Chain

Mahjong Chain is a great puzzle game that develops attentiveness and patience. It is an extremely easy kind of mahjong, where there are 6 tips. This game is perfect for all beginners or children. Mahjong chain consists of 12 stages. Start finding the same tiles with different hieroglyphs and other pictures moving from the edges to the center to win the game. Good luck!

Mahjong Chain Classic is a colourful game based on the classic Chinese solitaire. The aim of the game is to remove all the blocks from the board. Choose your language in the settings and enjoy an intelligent online game.


The game has 12 levels of difficulty, each of which requires you to remove all the blocks from the playing field. To do this, select identical elements and click on them. Only those blocks that are adjacent or can be connected by a line with no more than two corners are active. The blocks disappear and others move to their place. This way, the arrangement of elements on the board is dynamic and makes you keep an eye on the changes.

Each pair of blocks that is removed from the playing field brings points to the player's account. Participants have the opportunity to set a record in the game. You can record your result at the end of the game by printing your name or nickname in the corresponding ribbon.

No time limit

The player can choose the game mode - with or without a time limit. Take the challenge and demonstrate logic and thinking in each level of the puzzle.


You can use hints to help you solve difficult situations. Click on the question mark icon to have the system allocate the next pair of blocks for the move.

This booster will cost 300 points from your account. You need to pay even more for the shuffle option. Use this option when there are no free moves left and all the blocks are covered by other elements. When you click on the two arrows, the tiles will shuffle and a new combination of elements will be formed.


If you are ready to take on the challenge, choose a game with a timer. The scale at the bottom of the playing field indicates the amount of time left until the end of the game. Each pair of blocks adds to the scale, allowing you to extend the duration of the puzzle.

Turn on the optional soundtrack to enjoy oriental melodies. Use the full-screen option by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the screen.

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