Mahjong Collection

Mahjong Collection is a colourful and vibrant traditional puzzle game that is sure to appeal to all fans of Chinese board games. Choose the optimal level of the game and improve your attention, thinking and logic. Use hints and boosters to get the maximum number of points and set a record.

How to play

The game has several difficulty modes:

  • Beginner;
  • Normal;
  • Hard;
  • Super hard;
  • Nightmare;
  • God mode.

You can solve puzzles non-stop or choose daily puzzles.

In the achievements section, players receive additional rewards for completing challenges, for example, for using hints or completing several dozen levels in a row.

The player's task is to remove all blocks from the playing field and complete all levels of the game, setting record results. Click on identical pairs of blocks to remove them from the board. You should choose free blocks that are highlighted for your convenience. Such elements are not covered by other tiles on top or have a free right or left side.


In difficult situations, use the hints. Click on the arrows to shuffle the tiles on the board if there are no free moves left. Click on the light bulb to get a hint for the next move. Two tiles will be highlighted on the board.


There is a timer on the screen that counts the time spent on solving the puzzle. This data will be displayed at the end of the game. After completing five levels of the game, the participant receives a reward and additional options.

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