Mahjong Dimensions 3D

Mahjong Dimensions 3d is an oriental puzzle game that has moved from board games to the online format. Look at the construction of the cubes and choose identical blocks. Enjoy the game and improve your mindfulness and ability to focus on small details, develop logic and spatial thinking.

How to play Mahjong Dimensions 3D

The player's task is to remove all the cubes from the playing field. Elements with different images are folded into a 3D structure. Look at the three-dimensional figure from all sides to find identical blocks. Click on the blocks to choose a pair. As soon as two identical elements are correctly selected, they will disappear from the playing field and the player will see the next blocks.


To view all the elements, the player can scroll through the construction. To do this, swipe the screen or click on the arrows. Selected blocks are highlighted for convenience. You can only select those elements that have free sides on the right or left, as well as open from above. Only active tiles can be combined.If you run out of available moves, use the additional options. Click on the two arrows and shuffle all the blocks. The tiles will change their position and the player will be able to continue the game.

Bonuses and points

For each successful move, the player receives points on the account. The game has a limited time on the screen to complete the task. Once the time is up, the game ends.Get bonus seconds by solving one level of cubes. For each level that you manage to complete before the time runs out, the participant receives additional bonus points. Solve all the cubes and move on to the next level. Each subsequent stage offers a more complex design.
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