Mahjong Dogs 2

Mahjong Dogs 2 is an interesting and simple game with funny dogs on tile blocks. Solve oriental puzzles and get the maximum number of points on each level. All fans of four-legged friends will definitely enjoy this solitaire.

How to play

The Mahjong Dogs 2 game has 24 levels to complete in sequence. Win at each stage and set game records.

Click on identical blocks and remove them from the playing field. The game is won if the player manages to clear the board of all the blocks. To do this, choose tiles with identical dogs, as well as only those elements that are not covered by other blocks. They should have two free sides so that they can be combined with other elements.


There is a certain amount of time for the game. Keep an eye on the timer. As soon as the time is up, the game ends and the player needs to start the level from the beginning.

Get extra bonus points for the remaining time on the timer. Upon completion, unused time from the timer is converted into points on the account.


If the player is having difficulty finding the next pair of blocks to combine, choose a hint. Click on the corresponding button on the right side of the playing field, watch the commercial and get a hint. The system will highlight the pair of images open for matching. The player clicks on the blocks, and as soon as they disappear, new elements for matching will appear on the field.

The result of the game can be recorded in the rating. To do this, enter your nickname and check your results in the overall ratings.Enjoy the original theme of the game. Interesting and funny drawings of dogs will definitely bring you a good mood and relaxation. Stack blocks of elements, train your mind and test your attentiveness.

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