Mahjong Elimination

Mahjong Elimination game is an interesting and original puzzle game similar to Chinese mahjong puzzles. New tasks and many levels of play await the player. Collect identical pairs of sides and remove them from the field. The goal of the game is to remove the tiles and free the game board.

Mahjong Elimination: Gameplay

On the playing field there are tiles with Chinese characters, combinations of bamboo sticks, circles, images of animals and birds. Find identical patterns and remove them from the playing field.

To do this, just click on them if they are next to each other. The blocks will disappear and open access to other elements. To pair other tiles, move them to another location. To remove them, it is important that they are located opposite each other and that there are no obstacles between them.

Options and tips

The score shows the number of tiles collected against the total number at the beginning of the game. The player can also track the time they spend playing and completing each puzzle.

Use the hints if you need help. Click on the arrow icons to shuffle the tiles and rearrange them. Select the bomb to remove a pair of blocks from the board at random. The button with the light bulb icon will highlight the available pairs of blocks among the remaining elements on the board.

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