Mahjong HTML5

A traditional mahjong puzzle game for all fans of Chinese games. Disassemble the blocks and free the playing field from all the elements. The game is not limited by time, so the player has the opportunity to practice and enjoy the leisurely solving of the puzzle.

How to play

The blocks are located on the playing field in several levels. Each of them has a specific pattern and symbol. The player's task is to remove all the elements and clear the field of them. To do this, you should combine identical pairs of blocks with identical images.

You only need to choose active tiles, that is, those that are not covered by others and have a free right or left side. Click on the selected elements and wait for them to disappear from the field and open access to other blocks.

Hints and boosters

Hints are available at the bottom of the screen. The player can click on the plus sign to start a new game. The crossed arrows help to shuffle all the blocks on the board if there are no more moves available to continue the game. Click on a single arrow when you want to cancel the previous move and change the next combinations.

Design layouts

Change the game design by selecting the gear image. The player has the opportunity to choose the location of the tiles on the playing field and the background of the playing field. Enjoy the colourful symbols and choose a bright tile design: classic, original symbols, a tree with numbers and letters, colourful flowers.

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