Mahjong Link

Mahjong Link is a great puzzle game for all fans of oriental board games. Stack identical blocks and set records in the game. The player can choose the language of the game among 19 in the list. Choose a mode and solve all the puzzles as quickly as possible.


The player must disassemble all the blocks on the board and remove them. To do this, you should pair identical elements. The tiles have a variety of images: hieroglyphs, combinations of circles, bamboo sticks, and other symbols.

Click on blocks with the same symbols that are located next to each other and share a common side. You can also choose free blocks, i.e. those that can be connected by a line with no more than two corners. If the choice is made correctly, the tiles will disappear and open access to other elements.

There is a scale on the playing field that shows the time of the game. The indicator gradually moves. As soon as the scale is empty, the game is over and the participant will need to start from the beginning.

Each successful move replenishes the scale and adds points to the player's score.


Use the hints to complete the level and disassemble all the blocks. Click on the magnifying glass and the system will highlight two free tiles. Just click and the tiles will disappear from the field. For using the hint, the player loses a certain number of points.

Use additional settings in the puzzle: turn on the pause if necessary, music and sound.

Enjoy the game, win all 12 levels and demonstrate your skills.

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