Mahjong Monster Arena

Mahjong Monster Arena is a puzzle game in which the player not only collects identical elements in three, but also creates a real army of monsters. The creatures confront enemies that attack the player's army from time to time.

Mahjong Monster Arena: Gameplay

There are blocks with images of monsters on the playing field. The player's task is to create monsters for his army. To do this, click on identical elements on the playing field and collect three identical tiles. They fill in the empty niches on the left and turn into bizarre creatures. When all the monsters are collected, the player can watch a real battle.

Enemies begin to attack from the right side. The battle continues until the representatives of one of the parties are completely destroyed. Each of the monsters has a scale and stars above it, which demonstrates their strength and health.

Bonuses and boosters

Participants receive a reward in the form of gold coins for each monster. Additional bonuses are awarded for destroying enemies.

Improve your army by choosing powerful monsters. Choose boosters on the left side for a fee. Click on the hand symbol to add power to your creatures. The heart increases the level of strength. Click on the gold coins to increase the reward on the next level.

Click on the monster icon to select and increase the number of available creatures to play with. If you need to remove a block from the board to access lower level tiles, click on the hammer icon.

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