Mahjong Move Match

Mahjong Move Match is an atmospheric Chinese puzzle game for all fans of oriental board games. Choose identical tiles and remove all blocks from the playing field to win.

Mahjong Move Match: Gameplay

Playing blocks are arranged on the field in several rows. The player's task is to remove all elements from the field. To do this, you need to find identical elements that are next to each other and there are no other blocks between them and click on them.

You can also choose pairs of tiles that have identical images and are opposite each other. Click on one of the blocks in the pair and they will disappear. The player can move a particular element to place it opposite its identical counterpart.

As soon as the blocks are removed, the next level of the puzzle will be revealed.

Points and hints

Each pair of blocks brings points to the player's account. An additional bonus is available if you manage to solve the puzzle before the time runs out. The timer on the screen shows how much time the player has left until the end of the game.

In difficult situations, you can use hints. Among the available options, choose the one on the right side. Click the light bulb symbol when you need a hint for the next move. Click on the circular arrows if there are no available moves left. In this case, all the blocks on the board will be shuffled and the player will receive new combinations of tiles.

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