MahJong Online

MahJong Online is a popular Chinese game that will be a great workout for your brain. The game has a sequel and new levels. Train your logic, thinking and test your accuracy and attentiveness.

How to play MahJong Online

The goal of the game is to remove all the blocks from the board. Look for pairs of chips that are free on the board and click on them in sequence. The correctly selected pair of blocks disappears from the board. The game has a certain time limit. Keep track of how much time is left until the end of the game on the timer.

You need to pair blocks with identical images. Also, the tiles must be free, that is, not closed on the left or right side.


The player can choose the difficulty of the MahJong Online game. There are 32 boards with various combinations of blocks. The elements are arranged in the form of animals, symbols, and castles.

At the bottom of the screen, counters indicate the number of blocks left on the screen and the number of available moves.

Use the help and hints if you have difficulty finding the next pairs of free elements. In the upper right corner, you can select the desired function:

  • Cancel the previous move - click on the rounded arrow;
  • Click on the button with a light bulb to get a hint;
  • No moves available - the tiles will be automatically shuffled.
Find new mahjong games by clicking on the two arrows icon.

Design and symbols

Players can learn more about the tiles by clicking on the I key. The screen will show a layout with images and explanations for each symbol. Learn more about Oriental culture by exploring the meanings of all the thematic symbols: circles, bamboo sticks, hieroglyphs, seasons, winds and dragons.
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