Mahjong Quest 2

Mahjong Quest 2 is a traditional Chinese puzzle game in which you need to collect all the blocks and free the playing field. Look for identical elements and pair them to earn the maximum number of points.

Complete all levels and unlock the exciting sequel to the game - Mahjong Quest 3.

How to play Mahjong Quest 2

There are blocks on the board in several levels, the design resembles a pyramid. To clear the playing field, you need to click on two tiles with identical images in sequence. You need to choose only active blocks, i.e. those that are not covered by other elements and have a free right or left side.

The player has to complete all levels and win a certain number of medals. At each level, the task becomes more complicated as the number of blocks increases and the construction becomes more voluminous.

Options and bonuses

The time of the game is limited by the timer scale. Depending on the speed, the player will receive a reward in the form of a gold, silver, or bronze chip. On the screen, you can track the number of tiles left to collect, as well as the game score.

The player can also use hints:

  • Circular arrow - cancels the previous move and returns the blocks to the field;
  • Two crossed arrows - shuffle all the tiles on the playing field and open new combinations;
  • Magnifying glass - highlights the available move, i.e. a pair of free tiles with the same image;
  • Horseshoe - highlights all free blocks on the playing field.

Set a record in each game and get access to new levels. After completing the puzzle, the participant receives a reward and has the opportunity to track his rating on the scoreboard.

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