Mahjong Quest 3

Mahjong Quest 3 is an interesting Chinese puzzle game with a simple interface, colourful design and exciting challenges. Choose pairs of blocks and clear the playing field. Each pair of tiles brings a reward. The game is a sequel to Mahjong Quest 2.

Mahjong Quest 3: Gameplay

The player chooses their path in the game: north, south, west or east. Each section has 12 levels. Complete all levels and set records, earning the maximum number of points.

Click on identical blocks and wait for them to disappear. You can only select tiles that are open on the right or left side and not covered by other elements on top. Depending on the settings, they can be highlighted to make the player's task easier.

Depending on the level, the game may have a time limit. Watch the timer at the bottom of the screen and solve the puzzle.


The level is completed if the player finds a pair of blocks with yin and yang symbols and combines them. You can also combine any blocks of the same theme, for example, with images of flowers or symbols of the seasons.

You can increase the number of points by choosing a bonus tile. The value will change accordingly on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Blue wild blocks can be combined with any other blocks on the field and allow you to remove a combination of elements. Wall blocks cannot be combined with any element. To remove the blocks as a wall, click on the block with fireworks.


The player can use an additional option to make the game easier. Click on the arrow button to cancel a move. The blocks will return to their original positions.

There are a number of hints available in the game, which are indicated next to the question mark. Click if you need help and the system will highlight the available move.

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