Mahjong Remix

Mahjong Remix is a Chinese puzzle board game now available online. Disassemble the blocks in pairs and free the playing field from all the elements. The game features original symbols, simple rules, and additional bonuses. The player has to complete five levels of the game. Progress is recorded on a scale of five segments at the end of each round.

How to play Mahjong Remix

Blocks with various symbols of oriental culture are located on the game board. The arrangement changes at each level and becomes more complex. The player's task is to free the board from the blocks. To remove elements, select identical ones and click on them in sequence. You can choose blocks that are located next to each other and share a common side, or you can draw a line between them with two turns, that is, no more than three segments.The game time is indicated on the timer. Keep track of time and find free blocks as quickly as possible.


Use the information on the screen to solve the puzzle. The player has the ability to track the number of available moves. After each subsequent combination, this number may increase or decrease depending on the combination of blocks.If the choice is made correctly, a green line appears on the screen connecting the selected blocks. If you make a mistake, the extra segments of the line are coloured red. The tiles remain in place.

Points and bonuses

Each correctly matched pair of blocks adds 100 points to the account. In addition, players can get bonuses. Match pairs as quickly as possible, without pauses, and get an additional 20, 30 or more points for each subsequent move. Make moves as quickly as possible to get bonuses to your account. At the end of each level, the player will receive 1000 reward points. The game ends when the time runs out. Start the game from the first level.
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