Mahjong Solitaire Classic Arkadium

Mahjong Solitaire Classic Arkadium is a classic puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games. Find pairs of identical blocks and remove them from the board.

How to play Mahjong Solitaire Classic Arkadium

The rules of the game are simple and familiar to anyone who loves Chinese mahjong puzzles. The player's task is to clear the board of all elements in the allotted time. There are 10 minutes for the game. The timer starts as soon as the player makes the first move.

Choose only those elements that are active, that is, not covered by other tiles and have a free left or right side. To remove all blocks, select identical tiles and click on them. Both elements will first be highlighted in yellow and then disappear, giving you access to other tiles.

The blocks are arranged in several levels in the form of a pyramid. Remove the top tiles to unlock the ones below them.

There are several categories of tiles in the game - hieroglyphs, circles, bamboo sticks, and others. Combine themed tiles into pairs, even if they are not identical. Such blocks are highlighted in a certain colour - green and blue.

Bonuses and tips

The total number of tiles on the board is 144. The screen shows the number of free pairs that can be selected. The player can also track the status of the account. For each successful move, a certain number of points are added to the account.

In difficult situations, use the hints. Click on the appropriate chip and the system will highlight the available move in the game.

You can double your score by matching identical tiles as quickly as possible. When the time is up, the game will end and the result will appear on the screen. The player can track the total number of points, bonus points, and the percentage of the game completed.

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