Mahjong Solitaire full screen

Mahjong Solitaire is a traditional game that follows the rules of Chinese mahjong puzzles. Pair identical blocks and remove them from the playing field.

How to play

There are tiles with various symbols on the board in several levels. The total number of blocks is 144 elements, just like in a traditional Chinese puzzle. The goal of the game is to remove all the blocks and free up the playing field.

To do this, you should pair identical blocks by choosing identical images. Only active elements can be used in the game, i.e. those that have a free right or left side, and are not covered by other elements on top. For convenience, they are highlighted. Each pair of blocks brings 100 points to the score. They can be used for hints and other boosters.


The top information block contains information about the number of elements on the playing field that remains after each move. The number of available moves that can be made at the moment is indicated separately. The time for the game is limited, as indicated by the timer.

Use additional hints. Each use of this help deducts 150 points from your total score. Click on the question mark symbol. The game will show you a pair of blocks that you can choose to make your next move.Click on the circular arrows to shuffle all the elements on the board when there are no alternative moves left. Relax and train your attention, logic and thinking.

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