Mahjong Solitaire World Tour

Mahjong Solitaire World Tour - travel around a magical island and solve all the puzzles in the game. Move through the locations and get the maximum number of points at each stop.

How to play

The player has to help the main character - the magical cat - go through all the locations and collect secret symbols. To do this, you need to go through all the points on the island map and get the maximum reward of three stars.

The Mahjong Solitaire World Tour game board has tiles in several rows and even levels. The player's task is to free the playing field from the blocks with Chinese symbols and drawings. Choose pairs of identical blocks to make them disappear from the board and open access to other game elements.

You can only select active blocks, i.e. those that are not blocked from above by other elements or have a free right or left side. If you make the right choice, the blocks will disappear.

Bonuses and points

For each correctly matched pair of blocks, the player gets a certain number of points. Find all the available moves quickly. You can double, triple, and multiply the points you receive.

Points are also counted in the scale at the top of the screen. The more successful moves you make, the more chances you have to get the maximum reward for the game. Get three stars by filling the scale completely and set records in each new level.

The game allows you to train your logical thinking, develop a strategy and enjoy traditional Chinese puzzles.

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