Mahjong Springtime

Mahjong Springtime is a puzzle game that brings spring mood and vivid impressions. Solve Chinese puzzles and train your thinking, improve your logic, and enjoy a rewarding holiday.

How to play Mahjong Springtime

The Springtime Mahjong game has 60 levels with puzzles of varying difficulty. Win the game and get access to the next level.

The goal of the game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field. To do this, you need to move three identical tiles from the board to the ribbon down. The ribbon can be used to open up access to other elements. Remove an element that has blocked access to other tiles.


You can place 9 blocks in the ribbon. As soon as three identical elements are placed there, they will disappear, and the player will be able to choose other blocks. If the scale is full, the game is over. You should choose the right blocks to avoid this situation.

If there are no moves left, use the shuffle option. Click on the button with two arrows. All the blocks on the field will change their location, and the player will get new combinations. Continue the game and win.


You have a certain amount of time to solve the puzzle. Clear the playing field as quickly as possible to get an extra bonus for the time you haven't spent.

Each pair of blocks brings points to your score. Collect all the blocks and set a record in each level. Upon completion, a score appears on the screen. The player can compare their achievements and improve their results.

Enjoy the charming graphics, spring theme and become a master at solving puzzles.

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