Mahjong Titans Classic

Mahjong Titans Classic is a colourful traditional Chinese puzzle game in which you need to find identical blocks as quickly as possible. Train your mindfulness, thinking and visual perception.

How to play

The goal of the Mahjong Titans Classic game is to free the board from all the blocks and complete the level. The board has the traditional number of tiles - 144 pieces. The tiles depict various drawings and symbols: circles, bamboo sticks, flowers, plants, symbols, and others. To remove blocks from the playing field, you should click on the tiles with identical elements.

You should choose only those blocks that are free. They are not blocked by other elements on top and have an open right or left side.

To do this, move the cursor over the block and click on both identical elements in sequence. If the choice is correct, the tiles will disappear from the playing field.

No time limits

The game is not limited by time. The player has the opportunity to look at all the elements and find the best pair of blocks to combine. If there are no free blocks available on the board for the next move, the participant can start the game from the beginning. To do this, click on the button on the right and the layout of the blocks on the board will be updated. All the elements will return to the board.


The game does not provide a score and bonuses. Therefore, the player can improve their skills without any pressure.

Enjoy interesting oriental mahjong puzzles and relax. Solitaire allows you to practice mindfulness, improve logical and spatial thinking. Complete the game and open a new layout to continue.

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