Mahjongg 3 Dimensions

Mahjongg 3 Dimensions is a colourful puzzle game in a three-dimensional format. Disassemble the three-dimensional structure and remove all the blocks from the playing field.


Small cubes with various symbols create the main structure, which is easy to rotate by scrolling in the right direction. The player's task is to remove all the cubes. To do this, just click on identical elements and they will disappear. Only free blocks can be paired, that is, those that have two adjacent sides free and are not covered by other elements.

The game impresses with its graphics and three-dimensional format. To see all the elements, click on the arrows or swipe the screen and rotate the construction. By removing some blocks, the player gets access to others.

Find yellow elements among the cubes. Pair them up and get bonuses. Clock blocks add 20 seconds to the timer. Images with an asterisk give an additional 250 points to your account. A booster with a multiplier allows you to double your points.


Perform all moves as quickly as possible with a pause of no more than 3 seconds to get extra bonuses. Do not break the chain of combo moves and get the opportunity to increase the number of points tenfold.

Save your name and score in the table at the end of the game and beat the records of other players.

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