Mahjongg Alchemy

Mahjongg Alchemy is a puzzle game from the category of oriental mahjongg board games. Take apart the blocks and enjoy the alchemical symbols and ingredients. Combine identical blocks and discover the secrets of magic and enchantment. Improve your logic, thinking and demonstrate your strategy at each new stage of the game.

How to play Mahjongg Alchemy

There are tiles on the board in several levels. Each element has an image of a symbol, ingredient, container, which are important components of alchemy. The player's task is to remove all the blocks from the playing field. To do this, find the elements with identical images and click on them. If the pair is chosen correctly, both tiles will disappear. The blocks must be open and have a free right or left side.

Sometimes it is difficult for the player to see all the blocks because of the three-dimensional images of the structure. Hover over the block and it will be displayed in a separate box on the left. Match identical free pairs of elements as quickly as possible.

Limited time

The participant has a limited time to solve the puzzle. Keep an eye on the timer and quickly select the next move. Once the time is up, the game is over. The timer complicates the game and adds a challenge.

Options and points

Each pair of elements brings points to the player's score. Set records and win all possible block arrangements on the field.

If there are no more available combinations on the screen, shuffle the blocks. To do this, select the button with the appropriate command at the top of the screen and shuffle all the elements. The progress in the puzzle will not be saved, but the player will be able to continue playing and solve the Mahjong solitaire.

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