Mahjongg China

Mahjongg China is a traditional puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games. With simple and intuitive gameplay, colourful design, and interesting tasks, it activates thinking, trains attention and concentration, and provides great relaxation.


The game has 55 levels. Each one has a different shape and configuration of the block structure. Remove all the blocks from the playing field and get a record number of points.

The rules of the game remain traditional. Select active tiles with identical patterns, click on them, and remove them from the board. The active blocks are those that are on top and have a free right or left side.

If the choice is made correctly, the elements will disappear, and the player will receive points. The game's feature is its dynamism. Tiles move after each move, requiring constant prediction of the location of the blocks to avoid hopeless situations.

Use the hints if needed. Click on the question mark, and the system will suggest the next two blocks to continue the game. When you run out of moves, shuffle the blocks and get new combinations.

The timer counts the time spent on solving the puzzle. The time and the number of points earned will be indicated at the bottom of each level diagram.

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