Majong is a colourful online puzzle game modelled on the Chinese mahjong board game. Disassemble the tiles from the game board and put them in pairs. The objective of the game is to free the board from tiles and get the maximum number of points per game. Complete all 10 levels of the game and set a time record.

How to play Majong

The tiles have a variety of images: birds, animals, symbols, hieroglyphs, bamboo sticks and circles. To remove blocks from the field, you need to pair them by selecting identical elements. Only active blocks should be selected, i.e. those that have a free right or left side and are not covered by other pieces. For your convenience, active blocks are highlighted.

To select them, just click on the blocks with the mouse or on the touch screen and they will disappear. At the same time, the player will get access to the following elements.

Majong: Gameplay

The player must clear the field of all blocks. If there are no available moves left, shuffle all the elements. To do this, use the additional function by clicking on the two arrows icon. Click on the light bulb to get a hint. The system will highlight the next two chips for further play.

Players can customise the game by turning on or off the soundtrack and music. Traditional oriental motifs will introduce you to the culture of the peoples of the East.

At the bottom of the screen is a timer that counts the time spent on solving the puzzle. Although there is no time limit for completion.

The game improves logical thinking, activates observation and attention. Enjoy interesting puzzles and relax in your free time. Choose other games from this series - Mahjong Connect, Mahjong Solitaire.

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