Midas Mahjong

Midas Mahjong is a classic Asian board game puzzle. The player must remove all the tiles from the playing field. You can take them only by two tiles, unless they are completely blocked on the sides. Select a tile using the left mouse button. You can use the hint, it takes your points that you get for the combination, but highlights the possible pair. Enjoy the game and good luck!

Midas Mahjong is a popular classic game from the series of logic online mahjong games. Games in this category quickly became famous all over the world and continue to attract the attention of players of all ages. Take the blocks off the board and set records after each level.


A pyramid-shaped structure is created on the playing field of tiles. The blocks are arranged in several levels. The goal of the game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field. only two identical blocks that the player clicked on consecutively can disappear from the field.

You need to choose tiles that are free on the right or left side and not blocked from above by other elements. Tiles that have a common theme can be paired even if they do not have identical patterns. This category includes such elements as images with flowers, plants, and seasons.

Bonuses and points

Each pair of blocks brings points to the account.

There is a counter on the playing field for the total number of blocks used in the construction. The player also has the opportunity to monitor the number of free blocks for pairing. This number may decrease or increase after each subsequent move.

Keep an eye on the timer and match identical tiles as quickly as possible. Once the time is up, the game is over.


In case of difficulty, the player can use hints. Click on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen. Identical tiles will be highlighted in bright pink light. The player can use the hint and continue the game. The number of hints is unlimited.

At the end of the game, the results will appear on the screen. The player can track the previous result, the score of the current game and the volume of the solved puzzle, i.e. the blocks removed.

Each participant uses their own puzzle-solving strategy and has the opportunity to practice logic and attentiveness.

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