Shisen-sho is an interesting Chinese puzzle game with colourful blocks and original challenges. Free the playing field from the blocks and win each level. Enjoy the game and improve your logical thinking and attentiveness.

Shisen-sho: Gameplay

Choose a level of the game and remove all the blocks from the field. The tiles are arranged in several rows in front of the participant. Remove blocks by clicking on identical items in the correct sequence.

Click on blocks that are next to each other and share a common side. You can also pair tiles that can be connected by a line with two turns or less. There should be no other blocks in the path. The tiles disappear and open access to other elements.


For each pair of blocks that are removed, the participant receives dollars on his account. The counter is located at the bottom of the playing field. The player has a limited time to solve the puzzle. Keep track of the time on the timer at the bottom of the screen. Improve your skills and win a record amount of money.

Boosters & Hints

Use hints to quickly overcome a difficult situation and find a new move. Click on the light bulb. The system will highlight the next pair of blocks. Two tiles will flash purple. Click on them and continue the game.

Click on the arrow to cancel previous moves. The tiles will return to their previous position and the player will be able to perform moves in a different sequence.

Click on the two arrows and shuffle all the blocks. The number of elements remains the same, but the blocks move to other positions. Solve puzzles and improve your skills to set records at each level of the Shisen-sho game.

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