Solitaire Mahjong Classic

Solitaire Mahjong Classic, the long-awaited sequel to the classic Mahjong Solitaire game, is now available for players to enjoy. Solve oriental mahjong puzzles and get rewards in each level.

The player can choose a puzzle or solve those offered by the system automatically.

How to play Solitaire Mahjong Classic

The player must remove all the blocks from the playing field. To do this, select identical tiles and pair them. From the combination of blocks, choose those that are not blocked from above and have a free right or left side.

As soon as the player makes the first move, the timer starts. The player must solve the puzzle within the specified time period.

Points and bonuses

On the screen, counters indicate the number of tiles that the player has managed to collect, as well as the number of available moves.

For each correctly selected pair 100 points are added to the account. The player gets bonus points for unused time. The latest results of the game, as well as the best ratings, are displayed on the screen after the game is over. Participants have the opportunity to compare their achievements with their best results.


Use additional options if you need help in difficult situations. In the list of options, click on the light bulb to get a hint. A pair of blocks will be highlighted among other elements to continue the game.

Click on the two arrows if there are no available moves left. The blocks are shuffled and the player gets new combinations. The circular arrow allows you to cancel the previous move and return the blocks to their place.

Click on the magnifying glass to activate all the blocks that are free to play and can be selected for pairing. Enjoy the colourful graphics and challenging solitaire play.

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